Saturday, July 31, 2010

Savi's swim party

Savi had a blast at a friend's house showing off her swimming and retrieving skills in their gorgeous pool. Once I showed her where the steps were, she felt very confident about jumping in and getting out since she is used to swimming in ponds. She was quite entertaining to watch and all she wanted to do for hours was play and retrieve her bumper from the water.
This pool had a faboulous sunning deck with shallow water and Savi eased into the water...
and dove right in after her bumper!
She did this over and over and over...very proud of my little grey fish!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Nationals flashback

The mail delivery held a special package today with pictures that Sara Renee took at the Nationals. She took so many wonderful shots it was a hard task to choose which ones to order; consequently ordering a bunch. This one of Savi and her favorite accessory, was taken at the beginning of the 2010 WCA Nationals week at the WCA Hunt Test in York, PA. I'll be sharing many of the fun shots that bring back great memories of that week in May.