Sunday, November 14, 2010

Savi Guest Stars on the "40 til 40" Blog

 My friend, Kellyann, has a terrific, funny and inspiring Weight Watchers blog called "40 til 40" , 40 days til her 40th birthday.  She is Savi's godmother  and Savi is her "PBP", Puppy-by-Proxy!

Sunday, November 14, 2010
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Yesterday's challenge was met with such GRAY-t fun!
Started the day with my own fast fast with June for 20 minutes. She's favoring her back paw again, so we're gonna take it easy for a few days... short walks just to keep "the horns" at bay LOL!

Then I went to my friend's for the hike. First, I enjoyed a DELICIOUS ww-friendly lunch with Linda and her family. Mama-dog was resting and the pbp was running in and out...I think she was excited to be going on the hike without the other dogs! Oh, and we got a call during lunch...middle dog won at the show she's at!!
We got to the park about 4 pm and met up with Linda's dd and dh who were heading back home since it was getting dusky. We persevered onward since we had only been out for 17 minutes and it was planned for 40 for the blog challenge! Savi hurt her paw so we turned back but in walking a little slower, when we got back to the car, it was 4:41!! We did it :-)
The sun was going down and it was just beautiful. The leaves were a bit slippery, but we managed not to fall.
Today, I am pleasantly not sore, and feel great. The hike was definitely more cardio than just a walk in the park...

I will give June a short fast-fast, get Blue boy out in the sunny yard for some fresh air and head off to work.
My challenge today will be a dance party...gonna get my mom to "do-do-do- do the hustle" with me to celebrate her birthday!!

Note: Savi's paw is fine, we think she just stepped on a stick when she pretended to be super-dog and leaped off of a huge boulder. 

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  1. Savi's a PIRATE-BLOGGER! :-) I LOVE IT!

    Glad the paw's feeling fine...