Sunday, April 17, 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's or Diamonds & Dog Treats

Savi on location getting ready for her closeup
Savi, the new face of Tiffany's!!! Savi & Trixie did an awesome job modeling...the perfect combination, grey dogs and a little blue box.
 Waiting for the shoot to start, we hung out by the famous backdrop of the Flatiron Building.
 Savi and Trixie, the ultimate professionals, hit their marks and waited patiently without complaining.  Many tourists stopped us, asking for cuddles and kisses and the girls were happy to oblige.
 Supermodels and superweims!
Safely across 5th Avenue in their 6 inch and grace...Trixie is an old pro and showed Savi the ropes of hanging out in NYC and working with the models, crew and photographer.  I was proud of how well Savi held up for the long day of filming video and then staying focused for still shots with the many distractions of city life going on around us.


  1. Good job girls, you all look beautiful. The last picture cracks me up though.