Thursday, May 26, 2011

4th Annual TSWR Hair of the Dog 5K & Pet Expo - Part 2

Savi looking spiffy in the hot pink coursing coat.
One of the fun activities they offered at the event was Lure Coursing  practice runs.  Traditionally, lure coursing has been a performance event for sighthounds but recently, the AKC has made it a titling event called Coursing Ability Test for all-breeds. The AKC offers this program that the dogs and owners love so well, to test the dogs basic coursing instinct or hunting by sight ability.  The dogs chase an artificial lure, in an open field and are judged by two judges, on the dogs overall ability, speed, endurance, agility, and how well they follow the lure. The upside of this event is the dogs are kept in such good healthy shape, by doing something that comes naturally and that they really like to do.
Savi is totally fixated on the other dogs chasing the lure aka the plastic bags!
The lure coursing was run by PawPals PCA who offer weekly training and practice sessions in our area.  It is a great way to cross train your dogs for other dog sports such as agility. 
Showing me how to get Savi ready at the start line...waiting for the signal...
Release the dog on the "T" of Tallyho!!!  and Savi was off like a bullet chasing the lure!

Savi was quite impressive in her run and Mike Stoble from PCA said she was a natural and great PR as the crowd cheered her on during her awesome run.  He encouraged us to come to his practices.
Jam took a turn but wasn't quite as enthusiastic as her sister.  I think she thought there would be birds out in the field and was disappointed not to find any.  She had a good run but will stick to hunting birds.

Our friends Kellyann and her 9-yr old June at the start line.  June was amazing!

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  1. Lure Coursing is so much fun to watch. Did you ever see the video of Sagira doing it for the first time at camp last year? She wouldn't go to far, but was fun to watch her go at first. Go Savi! What is the coat thing they are wearing, does it have a special purpose? (if you can email me back, b/c I never come back and read comments again) LOL :)