Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Grayhart Girls Great Southern Adventure - Part 5: Major Win for Savi!

Our trip down south just continued to get better and better, the first weekend with Jam's awesome agility trial performance, then, spending time training with Jessica and Diane, and then Savi's Futurity placement.  We were entered for all four days of the WCA Southern Regional show weekend and were set up comfortably near the Weim ring to view all the excitement and have the dogs close.  On Friday, the dogs showed well, with Savi and Sky, Grayhart Lightfoot Early Morning Rain,RN,JH,TD,NSD, both placing 4th in their classes.  Another day, another show....we had a good time with friends and hoped for better results the next day.

Well, Saturday was our day...I showed Savi, Grayhart's Shear Genius,JH,NSD,CGC (Clay x Trixie) and won the BBE (Bred-by-Exhibitor class).  The judge, Jim Martin, didn't even place us in order and after the last go round, pointed to us and said first place!  We then waited patiently for the Winner's class.  In the Open bitch class, Mia-belle went 2nd and Sky was 4th place.  Then we nervously went in for the Winner's class.   Everyone stacked their dogs, did the go around, then down and back and then the judge pointed to us... Savi was Winner's Bitch for a 5-point Major!!!!  I screamed in joy and then got my ribbon.  A friend then took Savi in the breed class for me, since Jam was also being shown and it would have been too distracting for her if I was in the ring.  Savi showed well and was awarded Best of Winners!

The results for the July 30th Greater Charleston Supported Entry at Spartenburg Kennel Club show...Savi, Grayhart's Shear Genius,JH,NSD,CGC, WB/BOW for a 5-pt major!  This was quite a thrill, especially doing it from the BBE class and it was wonderful to have some of our Grayhart family and friends there to cheer us on.  Savi now has 6-pts towards her AKC champion title.

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  1. I couldn't be happier even if she was my own pup!
    I just love Savi :-)