Thursday, October 20, 2011

DVWC WCA Retrieving Ratings

 Some pictures of Savi during her Novice Retrieving Dog run at the DVWC WCA Ratings test last Sunday.  For her land retrieve, she was off like a shot to go retrieve the quail.
Good girl retrieving it to hand in the circle!
 Once we passed on land, it was off to the pond for the water retrieve. Savi, who we know loves to swim, couldn't wait for her turn and impatiently paced and barked until it was our turn.  The duck was thrown, blank gun shot and I released Savi, who without any hesitation, jumped into the water and swam straight to the duck and grabbed it!  This year she did order the duck!  Then she turned around and swam right back to me and again, retrieved to hand.  That's a pass and a new NRD title, showing everyone how it's done.


  1. birdy bitch!!

    I love my pbp :-)

  2. Thanks for taking the pictures! And you know Savi loves you too!!!