Thursday, December 15, 2011

Life is ducky!

Savi is a nooker...not all Weims are but it is a Weim trait - sucking on toys or blankets in a trancelike state. I personally think that it is soothing for them.  When Savi does it, she also kneads her front feet, with them going back and forth, so cute.  Amazingly, this duck toy, one of her favorites, which still makes a quacking sound, is from Savi's litter's whelping box and has lasted a long time.  Quite a feat for any toy, especially a stuffy that makes noise!

Speaking of things that last...I took Savi to obedience class for the first time since the summer.  I was so proud of how well she did, showing how much training she had retained.  To be fair, even though she has not been in a formal competitive obedience class in months, doesn't mean that there has not been training.  My dogs get training everyday at home, whether formal or informal and we include obedience in agility and field work.  They have to work for treats and I'll take a few minutes to practice various skills, whether it is sending to place or a drop on recall.  My goal for Savi is to get her ready to compete in novice obedience and earn her CD or companion dog title in 2012.  A very doable goal to work towards as she's had a nice foundation and knows the exercises.  Just a matter of fine tuning and focusing on her on and off lead heeling.

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