Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Birthday Girl: Savi turns 2!!!!

January 14th was a momentous day in the Grayhart household - it was Savi's birthday!  Our little girl turned two and of course, we had a little pawty and the obligatory photo session.
 Truly a princess in her hat and bandanna with Momma Trixie waiting patiently in the background for the special treats.
 What a good girl...
 Enough already....where's my cake?  Well, no cake but all the girls loved the gourmet chicken treats that Savi won when she earned her 2nd major at the Lehigh shows.
The real fun began when we took Savi and Jam for a birthday hike.  Above, Savi backing Jam.
 And on the West Coast....prince Bravo celebrated his birthday in a regal way!


  1. Looks like a fun day :-)

    Hope Savi is up to another birthday hike!

  2. Savi is always up for a hike! Especially with her godmother :)