Friday, August 24, 2012

Off to bird camp!

Savi was quite sad to see her brother Memphis go home yesterday. What she didn't know was that we had a big trip planned and she was going to bird heaven. Off we went for a long, nine hour drive to Ohio, where Savi will be going for field training to work on Senior and Master Hunter. Savi will learn to steady, hold until released for the retrieve, retrieve to hand and honor her bracemate on point.

Savi showed her new trainer what she's made of and impressed him with her intense points and drive, finding every bird he planted with style and attitude. It is a wonderful opportunity for Savi to be able to fulfill her potential and spend days doing what she loves - running in the field and hunting and retrieving birds. We'll be busy at home with pups, so the perfect time for Savi to be at bird camp.

We'll be posting pictures and videos as we get updates from her trainer
Savi's grounds, beautiful acreage in central Ohio.

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