Sunday, October 10, 2010

GSWC Specialty

 The Garden State Weimaraner Club's Independent Specialty show was a nice place to show Savi as the Sweeps and Regular classes gave us the opportunity to go in the ring twice.  We are still working on getting her stack just right and standing for exam but it important to me that she has fun in the ring.  This show was her last in the 6-9 mo puppy class.
 Savi placed 3rd in her sweeps class and 4th in the regular class.
Savi also got to visit with many friends and even hung out with Kel and hubby Chris..I made sure I wasn't gone too long as they adore Savi and would make room for her on the couch next to June!
Thanks to Chris for capturing the day with his wonderful pictures.


  1. 3 Weims on 1 couch would be tough, but we'd love it!
    It was a GRAY-t day all around yesterday...always fun to hang w/ the Grayhart Family and so many breeder-friends and club members in one place.

  2. Way to go Savi! Yeah...I think Kel might steal Savi in a heartbeat. haha. June would teach her how to eat many hot dogs.