Friday, October 8, 2010

Weimaraner Wednesday in the Field

 Savi's day in the field began with a romp with the Weims and she especially loves her brother, Monty.
and when you least expect it, POINT!  Savi found a wild pheasant running through the corn field!
 She turned on scent and then was zoning in on where the bird was planted.
 Check out the intense look in her eyes.  She's on point and Mike is going to put the check cord on her to prevent her from grabbing the bird as we teach her to hold steady.
 Another point!
 Yes, this is a point.  She turned on scent as she was hunting and turned into the wind.
 She naturally quarters the field, doing a zig zag pattern as she hunts and then her body language changes when she gets on scent.
Running through the thick sorghum, nothing stops Savi, our bold pup, from finding those birds.

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