Friday, September 23, 2011

Supermodel Savi

A behind the scenes shot of Savi and her model friends!
Following in her momma Trixie and sister Jam's pawprints, Savi's modeling career is in full swing.  She was chosen to be in a holiday campaign for Gap Kids and based on the terrific feedback on set, it was the right choice.  Savi absolutely LOVES kids and the feeling was mutual and showed through in the shots of her surrounded by the crew of beautiful boys and girls modeling the clothes.  In fact, Savi garnered more attention from the crew and passersby on the busy Brooklyn street where we were located, than the human models!  We look forward to seeing the final ads to be used for in-store displays, mailers and on the store website sometime in November.

 Getting used to her "wardrobe" while resting up for  her call on set.  I'm always prepared with a towel or bed for her to lounge on, stars shouldn't have to sit or lay down on a dirty sidewalk.
On set, I'm rewarding Savi between shots.  The white stuff is fake snow.

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  1. my pbp... a SUPERmodel :-)

    Savi makes quite an adorable reindeer!!! Can't wait to see all the advertising when it comes out! An ad with Savi is sure to coax me to buy whatever she's "selling"!!!