Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Weimaraner Wednesday

Jam, enthusiastic in the fields!
 Weimaraner Wednesday fun spent field training with our friends and their dogs.  The weather was a bit hot and muggy with little breeze, so challenging scenting conditions for the dogs.
Jam on point
 The girls found the birds and had decent retrieves, especially our little retrieving machine, Savi, who does it with such gusto and retrieved to hand, it brings a smile to everyone who watches her.
Savi, air scenting as scenting as she hunts for birds
The leaves are already beginning to change color, reminding us that fall is upon us.  I just long for some nice cool weather.
 And only in New Jersey would we have such wild distractions in the bird field!  The preserve where we train is said to have one of the best Halloween Hayrides in the state!
 The dogs are so used to these freaky figures that they pay no attention to them.

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